Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Feeling Buddha

Last Sunday, we began reading together David Brazier's The Feeling Buddha. Brazier is a psychotherapist and long time Zen practitioner and scholar. The book is a fresh look at the four noble truths, the Buddha's first teachings following his enlightenment. The four noble truths are the one core teaching shared by all Buddhists, from those who chant the name of Buddha to get rich to the most austere Zen monks. They are considered foundational, and so we return time and again to their profound message. But why are these simple truths "noble?" Sunday we read the first chapter, "No Pearl Without Grit." There's plenty of time to catch up if you would like to join us: it will be several weeks before we take it up again. Even if you believe you understand just what the four noble truths are all about, this book will challenge your assumptions and shake up your beliefs.


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