Monday, January 05, 2009

Joko with Lily

Joko with Lily
Originally uploaded by Peg Syverson.

Does a dog have Buddha nature? Yes or mu, Joko reminds Lily of the house rule: the nose must stay below the table! We enjoyed our visit with Joko. At 91, she still keeps a full schedule of daisan with students, both in person and on the phone, heading the Prescott Zen Center, regular sesshins, and the Sunday morning dharma talks. She works seven days a week, and enjoys it immensely. Her playful, mischievous sense of humor and laser sharp wisdom and insight were as lively as ever. We were honored that she invited Flint and I to do the Sunday morning dharma talk, and we were delighted by the warm response from her sangha. Brenda, Joko's daughter, was filming, and we hope to get a copy of the DVD to share with the sangha here. For more images, check the Ordinary Mind gallery by clicking the image or one of the images to the left.


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