Sunday, June 03, 2007

The teaching of emptiness by Zen master Peg

The teaching of emptiness by Zen master Peg
Originally uploaded by Peg Syverson.

Peg attains perfect stillness and silence, offering her best teaching to date, but still a 2-dimensional view that is not fully realized. Sangha members will vote on which Peg more perfectly expresses the dharma, and determine which one they will keep as a teacher. While this version is obviously less troublesome and inexpensive, it does not respond well to questions and challenges, maintaining what some think of as an "aloof and forbidding silence," with a performance some find "wooden," although others are inclined to call it "wisdom." This classic laconic "Texas-style" Zen teacher of few words (well, actually wordless) may catch on here in Austin, bringing new vitality to concepts such as "no mind" and "no self." However, it remains to be seen how this teacher can possibly "chop wood" and "carry water."


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"Ceci n'est pas une peg"

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