Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Warmth of the Second Season

Those who were there, please comment to this Blog to share with everyone what you saw or heard or felt during our sitting (despite the fact that your eyes were cast downward and unfocused).

For my part, I saw a leaf slowly, very slowly traveling alongside the Sunyata opening, looking for the resting place of companionship described in Joso's Haiku:
"Under the water,
On the rock resting,
The fallen leaves."

Also, radiating from the left side of the pool near the falls, when the sun rose, the beam hitting the waves causing ribbons of light to dance away along the bottom.

(My picture of Dave on the Rock did not turn out, so I have here sadly posted only a picture of the Rock without Dave.)


Blogger John S. said...

What struck me this time was the congregation of hundreds of spiders ( Daddy Long Leg type) under a rock ledge just to our left during the slow walking meditation. As usual, the location was beautiful which made for a great meditation session. However, as always, the best part was the members of the sagha who attended. John S.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

The pond reminded me of a scene from my favorite book when I was a kid "Moominsummer Madness"...Under a slope, a little to the right of the hammock tree, was a large pond of clear, brown water. Around the edges broad and shining leaves grew for dragonflies and skimming beetles to rest on, and below the surface small spidery creatures used to row along, trying to look important.Moomintroll was lying in his customary spot curled up on the green and yellow moss. He looked gravely and contentedly down into the water while he listened to the rustle of wings and the drowsy buzz of bees around him. He looked at a gleam sparkling from the deep center of the pond. He remembered his mother telling him she kept her jewerly in the bottom of the pond - it was so much more beautiful that way....

6:06 PM  

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