Sunday, January 13, 2008

Foundations of Zen Practice

Ordinary Mind will offer a Monday evening class in the foundations of Zen practice in January and February.

This course is intended to introduce new and experienced Zen practitioners, as well as those who are generally curious about Zen practice, to its fundamental principles and concepts. The class will provide information and experiential teaching about the origins of Buddhism, the life and teachings of the Buddha, and the cultivation of practice in meditation and in the life of the sangha, the community of practitioners. Zen as practiced here at Ordinary Mind fosters the awakened mind through meditation, study, relational and experiential practice, and inquiry. It is a practical application of time-tested methods for deepening awareness and intimacy with all things, here and now, rather than striving for a mystical or esoteric experience or formal monastic discipline. Our practice, as Joko has taught it, focuses on waking up in our everyday lives, our ongoing relationships, and our ordinary activities. Please join us to explore together just what this practice of Zen offers.

January 21-February 25
Monday evenings
7:00-8:00 class 8:00-8:30 meditation
Suggested donation: $60.00

Note: Please do not allow your financial situation to hinder your participation. Just offer what may be appropriate to your circumstances.


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