Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ordinary Mind September 2007 Practice Intensive

Ordinary Mind September 2007 Practice Intensive
Originally uploaded by Peg Syverson.

The September practice intensive was held this past weekend, the first practice intensive hosted by Ordinary Mind Zen in Austin. Participants gathered Friday evening for zazen and opening remarks by Peg and Flint. The intensive was dedicated to Joko Beck, who has inspired so much of what we do here. You can see her photo in the middle of this picture, and she is also invoked by the calligraphy on the wall, that reads: Ordinary mind is the way. Saturday was a long day of zazen, with periods of work practice, meals, and talks. Inquiry groups with Flint brought the group together in the afternoon on Saturday, and again Sunday morning, It was a wonderful opportunity to deepen our practice and a profound experience in building sangha. We plan to make the talks from the intensive available soon. You can see additional photos of the group by clicking the image here.


Anonymous Suzie Lovegren said...

How wonderful to see all our new friends in the Dharma! Thank you all my teachers, especially Flint and Peg. I could have danced all night. . . .Suzie

9:04 PM  

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