Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inquiry Groups with Flint

Flint will offer additional inquiry groups at the Crossings once a month for the next few months, on Thursday evenings. The first one is Thursday this week, and the others are September 13, October 18, and November 15. There is no cost; dana for the teacher is requested. These dates are also listed on the Ordinary Mind calendar. Here are the forthcoming topics:

Entering the Infinite Mystery (Aug. 16)
All spiritual practices invite us into a profound mystery, which is infinitely spacious, infinitely loving, and infinitely wise. Upon entering fully, we recognize ourselves as that mystery – that space, that love, and that wisdom.

Loving Presence and Transformation of the Heart (September 13)
There is a state of mind – a state of being – which all the great wisdom traditions describe as the foundation for true intimacy and healing care. This is a natural state, full of mutual inspiration, loving attention, and gentle nourishment.

Communion with the Divine and Identity with Truth (October 18)
We often embark on the spiritual journey with a sense that we are far from the Divine, seeking communion. The startling discovery is that through communion we naturally merge into union with that which we sought. In the wordless intimacy of union we ultimately find identity as Truth.

Gratitude as the Source of Spiritual Nourishment (November 15)
When we can relax the contraction of our self-centered perspective, gratitude begins to flow into that liberated space. As our conventional attachment to body and mind fall away, we tap a spring of spiritual nourishment, full of grace.

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